Frequently Asked Questions

1I am doing all the operations with Excel, why should I use PİR?
You're right. Although Excel is very practical, it has its advantages and disadvantages. For example; high dependence on the person, as well as the dependence on that person's computer is very high, so formatting or virus cases are inevitable. Due to the fact that the data are not centralized and manageable from a single point; There are many problems due to the existence of suspicious data, the fact that the cost and profitability are independent from pre-accounting, since all the data are not integrated, there are lots of problems in the construction site and in a lot of files in many different computers. The risk and the progress of projects can not be seen instantly and the general managing problems, etc. are the problems that you experience every day. To get rid of these problems, you can start using PİR Online Project and Business Management Software.
2I have pre-accounting, commercial program, why should I use PİR?
This software includes screens (functions, reports and graphs) to follow the pre-accounting as well as all of your other business processes. So while there are basic needs on commercial programs you use every day exist in PİR, but specific features of PİR are not found in those commercial package programs. The material, amount, term/time, quantity, money, etc. of project phases are well tracked by PİR. All necessary information can be followed in the best way. Based on materials, workmanship, man hours and amount, along with easy monitoring and managing with % percent facilitation warnings. Even revenue/cost analysis and all warning mechanisms are welcome as extra features PİR have.
3What will PİR Software generally do for my company projects?
✓ PİR makes the cost calculations (BOQ) right from the beginning and fixes the budget not to exceed outside
✓ PİR enables more efficiency and time saving
✓ PİR minimizes the losts and converts it to profit
✓ PİR reduces work-escaping by managing the Proposal Management process very well
✓ PİR enables Planning Process Management (Project Plan / Budget / Work Program / Cash Flow)
✓ PİR improves Purchasing Management Process and reduce purchasing losses
✓ PİR reduces inventory losses with Logistics Tracking and eases Warehouse Management process
✓ PİR tracks deviations in cost and profitability improve planning and risk
✓ PİR enables the usages workflow and approval mechanisms
4Can PİR Software be integrated with general - official accounting?
You can convert the transactions you want in the pre- accounting section to general account ledger receipts. For this you can integrate your database if the access is open (if not encrypted). It is enough to require an integration service from PİR.
5How do I use PİR without losing my data in another program?
If you can prepare and submit your data in the formats, we want (in Excel, XML, etc. EDI format); and do not wish to purchase a bulk upload service, we may upload it to the system in bulk to the server once. If it is not possible to present in this format, you have to manually enter your data to PİR.
6How do I use PİR Software to put me ahead of my competitors?
The Contracting and Build & Sell Construction sector in particular is entirely a business of managing complexity. It is one of the sectors where the financial difficulties are concentrated, especially the problems of human resources, the most difficult and the toughest competition exist. Overcoming these cost management, profit management difficulties and so on is possible in a short time with PİR. In addition, if you are thinking about institutionalization, systematization and a disciplined business system, we have a lot of solution paces working integrated with PİR. We are as PİR, not just software developers. We also run training and consulting activities that support our software in many ways to become for your dream company.
7How long do you see PİR Software's contribution to the company?
The time theme is completely dependent on the solution, the package and the modules in the content. You will be using it in at least 1 week. If you spend at least 2 months with each module last week and you pass 60 days, you will see the direct and indirect contributions of those modules to the operator. If you your old data entry manually or collectively in PİR, Your actual control on programs features begins to increase and your business will continue to run soothly, including the months backwards / forwards, and all the jobs that are going on and starting. It continues until the maximum control is achieved.

Every non-systematic job goes on its way step-by-step. You will need a team that is careful and disciplined in this regard more than ever. There are companies we help with staffing, contact us if you need assistance in this regard.

We will all contribute together to manage the risks that you have. The PİR solution can be deployed in a generic sense with an implementation methodology that can take at least 10 business days and between 2-8 weeks depending on the size of your company. Time may vary depending on coverage and the current business cycle of your company. If there is no ongoing project, it can be very fast.
8What savings does PİR Software save on my company?
Our software offers both visible (direct) and invisible and indirect (indirect) benefits. How you say, for example, central expenses are often not reflected in the cost and provision accounts or are not approve in relative terms. By providing this facility in PİR Software, you are realizing the real cost and effort of the project.

YapSat ve Taahhüt işlerinde nakit akışı en sıkıntılı konulardan biridir ve PİR'deki kadar güzel ve net bir çıktı başka yazılımlarda neredeyse hiç yoktur.

Cash flow in Build&Sell and Contracting business is one of the most troublesome issues and almost as good and clear output as PİR is in almost no software.

In addition, PİR Software is a program that saves you lost. It is a kind of money recycling program.

How do you say; Material, labor, inefficiency, stock status, etc. You have to be quick as a management in many matters, proactively intervene urgently and before (initiative) Provide you with the right direction. If you give us information as project and figure, we can offer you a more conservative and conservative savings advantage.

We offer with PİR; Our biggest savings is your time. You will get rid of writing the same thing in many files or books, you will do the job once and you will enter the system once and correctly. You will get rid of both faulty data; As well as saving time and working together.

We provide you with the time to be able to work more calm and more comfortable with you. We also provide you with space independence. Even when you are waiting in a restaurant or airplane, you can enter the system (phone or tablet) and reach the desired destination. What could be greater than this freedom?
9Can PİR Software be exclusive to my firm?
The PİR package has been developed specifically for all sectors that are based on an application and project/site basis. We value our customer’s feedback and special requests in order to provide a solution that will contribute to the development and growth of the sector. Customers are benefactors. R&D work is carried out completely in accordance with customer and market demands. For this reason, we are evaluating the special requests of our client’s by our R&D team and adding them to our packages in accordance with the philosophy of PİR.BULUT so that they can be used by other customers.
10Do you have a reference, will I be the only guinea pig?
The general reference list of PİR and all other products is available on our website and is updated with specific periods. AR-GE processes have been carried out by working with 22 companies of different sizes and sectors related to the subject while developing the PİR product. When it comes to the stage of UR-GE activities, this number is 49. Guinea pigs, etc. These are not the case. Like every company's product, we are also perfecting our products day by day with feedback from our customers. If there are places you do not like, we will go out with you for the journey of perfection. Do you have to walk together on this road?
11Let's say your company is worth a try, where do I get support?
Our company is a corporate company and fulfills its responsibilities. As the commercial life continues, it fulfills this duty at a better level every day. If this is the end of your life, whatever happens to your company, it will be the same. In this case, we are delivering our source codes to our customers in accordance with the contract, in accordance with the contract with the firm that believes that we will not be harmed.
12Will I pay you constantly after I start using it?
Pay as you go (rent in the cloud), the same type of package and number of users remain the same every year in the subscription model, inflation over TL is additionally reflected in the new year only. Inspection of the requests for products is under the responsibility of AR-GE unit in KOU Technopark. Charging or writing free of charge is done according to future feedbacks.


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You can forward your support requests via phone and e-mail. Support will be provided within 24 hours.

Advantages of PİR in YSM.Bulut is the online software platform developed by YSM Software and PİR Software since 2011.
In this platform, pre-accounting, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software as well as sectoral solutions such as PİR are included. is one of Turkey's first cloud Informatics platforms and is produced entirely from domestic and national sources.

Education and Counseling Support

You can easily learn and use PİR Software with online training videos and documents. You can also ask questions and receive support by phone or e-mail.
You can also benefit from our exclusive private training and counseling service.

Unlimited Updates in the Cloud

PİR Online offers unlimited update support as long as you use the Investment, Project and Site Software.
Thanks to the PİR cloud infrastructure; You will continue to use the latest version, with new features or updates added automatically.

Second world’s best contractors have became profitable with PİR’s strong Project management Software, you get timely and finish your’s business successfully.